What are the privacy updates?

We've updated our privacy policy, effective January 31, 2024, get the details here.

This is part of our ongoing efforts to protect your data and to provide more transparency in our practices. Please note that nothing is changing in the way we provide you with our service!

We collect the personal information set out in the "Personal Information We Collect" section of our Privacy Policy, including account registration details such as name and email, details of orders you place, survey information (if provided), identity verification data, and information about your use of our site and products.

  • Updated Disclosures: Our Privacy Policy now includes specific subsections for the laws in Quebec, California and other jurisdictions. These updates offer clear information about your privacy rights and explain how you can control your personal data.

  • Transparency: Our Privacy Policy has been revised to clearly detail the type of personal data we collect, to provide better transparency about how we use that information. This includes account registration details, orders your place, survey responses (if provided), identity verification data, and your interaction with our services. This is to ensure you understand the purposes behind the collection and how it helps us deliver the services to you.

  • Control: We have further expanded and explained the choices you have around how Flashfood collects and uses your data. You will be able to customize your privacy preferences in the Flashfood app through your Privacy Portal by tapping the menu icon in the top left corner and navigating to Settings > Preferences settings.
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