How can I share my referral code with my friends and family/ How does it work?

Simply open the app, tap on the Profile icon at the top left corner, and select Rewards.

Copy and paste the code and share it with your friends.

Once you’ve shared your code, your referral is able to enter your code within 2 locations in the app:

  • During Sign-up
  • On the earn/rewards screen

The person you referred’s first purchase must be at least $10 in order for both you and your referral to get those sweet referral credits. The referral will see a $5 credit applied to their first order at checkout!

Once the purchase is confirmed, you’ll automatically receive a $5 credit in your account. Invite as many friends as you can and rack up the dough. 

A user can only be a referee once and the $10 minimum must be made in a single transaction

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