How can I pay with my EBT card?

  1. Add your EBT card to the Payment section of your account.

  2. Choose your local store and select your items (EBT-eligible items will be tagged).

  3. During checkout, make sure that the EBT box is checked and click Next.

    ** Note that this box will only appear when you have an item with a SNAP label in your cart

  4. You will be redirected to enter your EBT card pin.

  5. Once your EBT pin has been added, you will be able to see your EBT card balance and enter the amount you would like to use.


  6. Once you click purchase, you will have to reenter your EBT pin card number to authorize the transaction.
  7. After confirming your order, you can head over to the store any time of the day to pick up your order. Please follow the "pick up by" date to ensure a smooth pickup process.



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