My app won't work!

The majority of our app issues can be resolved by performing the following steps:

  1. Please confirm that you're using the latest version of the Flashfood app. If not, please update the Flashfood app from the App Store/Play Store.

  2. Next, try toggling Airplane mode off and back on again.

  3. Close and reopen the application.

  4. If the issue still persists, try removing and then re-installing the Flashfood app on your device (don't worry, all your settings will stay saved!)

If none of the above works, please reach out to our amazing support and success team by submitting a request. You can also start a chat with us through the Chat bubble found at the bottom right of our website.

PS: Remember to include your device and the operating system you're using. If you're able to provide a screenshot, it will definitely be helpful!  

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